<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>
<tc>My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)</tc>

My Dentelle® Flowers Anti-Chafing Bands (PAIR)

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Your thighs will love My Dentelle®


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Why My Dentelle®?

Pain due to chafing in the thighs is common among the majority of women, especially during the warmer months when dresses and skirts are out!

To remedy this with elegance and a touch sexy, the My Dentelle bands hug your thighs with a silicone support to prevent the skin-to-skin sliding and rubbing of your thighs.

Simple but sexy

My Dentelle® anti-chafing bands offer a simple yet sexy solution to inner thigh chafing. Available in three colors - you can find one for every occasion. Their patented design includes three silicone non-slip strips that ensure your bands will stay in place and protect your skin from irritation all day long!


Change your day

My Dentelle® bands offer a functional and stylish design, so you can feel comfortable and confident, while putting an end to the irritations of the interior of the thighs. Our discreet thigh bands will allow you to wear the outfits you choose in all circumstances.

With My Dentelle® Flowers, you can now wear the dresses and shorts you've been forced to leave at the back of your closet. Regain your confidence, feel beautiful and comfortable while you enjoy life!


  • Protects your skin and allows you to move freely without having to suffer skin abrasion. Prevents irritation, redness and scarring
  • Does not slip or roll, thanks to the 3 anti-slip silicone strips
  • Alternative to chemicals, talcum powder and unsightly underpants that ride up
  • Trendy, perfect to wear under dresses, skirts, shorts and other loose outfits
  • No pockets? No handbag? They can also be used as a compartment to store your essentials such as:
    - smartphone
    - money or cards
    - cloakroom or entrance tickets
    - keys..
  • Sexy and comfortable. The lace design makes them very elegant
  • Ideal for everyday use or sporting activity
  • Can slip into a handbag

Size guide

🔁 Exchanges and refunds within 30 days

If your measurement is between 2 sizes (ex: 54, 59, 64, 70), we suggest choosing the smaller of the 2.

size chart
How to measure your thighs:

- Measure yourself while standing, on bare skin, not on clothing.
- Use a cloth tape measure to ensure accurate measurements. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string or a piece of yarn and measure flat against a ruler.
- Don't let the tape measure be too tight or too loose.
- Do not measure over your clothes or while sitting down.

If your measurement falls between 2 sizes, we suggest choosing the smaller of the 2.
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Made of beautiful lace - 14 to 15 cm (5.5 in to 6 in) long worn
10 cm (4 in) wide pocket with silicone to hold accessories
Designed with non-slip silicone
Discreet and very functional at the same time
90% Nylon; 10% Elastane
1 pair (2 legs) per model

Washing and Care

  • Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent and air dry.
  • After many uses, the silicone strips regain their adhesion by cleaning them with water or a little alcohol at 45°
  • Tip #1: Slightly moisten the silicone strips of your bands before resting it on the leg. This solution is very effective on dry skin, unlike moisturizing milk or fatty substances which could cause the bottom to lose its elastic properties.
  • Tip #2: Get leotard glue from a drugstore (also known as gymnast's glue), which holds this type of garment perfectly and comfortably against the skin all day long.


This package slips into your mailbox

We reduce packaging for the sake of ecology and so that, even when you are away on vacation, your parcels fit in your mailbox.

Protection of our customers

Take advantage of this short-term offer to try My Dentelle® Flowers bands, we guarantee you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact us, we will help you return them and you will receive the refund total!


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