Patches anti-rides de visage silicone Skinpad. Pour le front, les yeux, pattes d'oies, ou les lignes du sourire.
Patches anti-rides de visage silicone Skinpad. Pour le front, les yeux, pattes d'oies, ou les lignes du sourire.
Avant Après, résultats après l'utilisation des patches yeux SkinPad
Avant Après, résultats après l'utilisation des patchs anti-rides silicone de visage pour le front
Luttez contre le vieillissement cutané. La technologie du patch silicone stimule l'hydratation, lisse les rides et ridules, et stimule la circulation sanguine et le collagène. Cela se fait pendant que vous dormez !
Matière 100% silicone de qualité médicale, douce et confortable. Le patch anti-rides silicone est adhérant et stimule l'hydratation et le collagène en profondeur

SkinPad™ Anti-Wrinkle Face Patches

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Ladies: What if you could go back in time?

Taking care of your body is something we all love to do. However, fine lines and wrinkles often leave us helpless when they invade our skin.

To help you regain soft, smooth skin all over your body, there's SkinPad™.

🌞 The skin you dream of

SkinPad™ is a hypoallergenic anti-wrinkle patch that is placed on the skin and flatten it. Recover skin smooth, hydrated and elegant within hours: it's possible thanks to soft and flexible silicone that adapts perfectly to your morphology.

Résultats Front Avant Après

🌸 Suitable for sensitive skin

Every woman has a different sensitivity. SkinPad™ gently firms your features without side effects or pain. But that's not all...

Résultats yeux avant après

🌸 Healthy for the body

Already recommended by dermatologists for its effective and chemical-free action, SkinPad™ also promotes blood circulation, hydration of the skin and the secretion of collagen, the vital protein that we lose as the skin ages.

❤️ Its little extras

  • Visible results in just 2 hours
  • Wear comfortably day or night
  • Each patch is washable and reusable up to 20 times
  • Ideal for reducing scars thanks to the self-healing power of silicone
  • Feel fully yourself this summer

Le magazine ELLE parle de nous

Le patch que les Américains s'arrachent          Vous dormez sur le côté ? Vous commencez donc à constater une grande ride en V sur votre décolleté… Un accessoire empêche les plis de se former pendant notre sommeil et fait un carton outre-Atlantique. En effet, les Américaines n'hésitent pas à dormir avec un impressionnant patch en silicone, transparent et autocollant. Pas très sexy mais efficace… Patch Anti-Rides de Décolleté, SkinPad sur

Ready to turn heads?

"I use silicone patches every other night and it's really very effective. Face as ironed... The first week I wore them every night and now 1 night out of 2... Easy to use and effective... 👍👍" Isabelle B.


- 100% Medical Silicone

- Size:
1 Forehead patch: Approx 14cm x 6.7cm x 0.2cm
2 Eye patches or smile creases: Approx 7cm x 3cm x 0.2cm

- Package weight: 60g

- Certification: CE

How to use it:

Step 1. Make sure your face is well cleansed, dry and free of moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. (Perspiration and sebum can interfere with the adhesive process, as well as for example certain makeup removers which leave a slippery film for the patches).

Step 2. Place the silicone patches on the forehead and around the eyes (or in the creases of the smile) for at least an hour a day or overnight. Results depend on duration of use and depth of wrinkles, as well as skin type.

Step 3. When finished, slowly remove the silicone patches by lifting from side to side. Wash the patches with non-replenishing soap (soap without additives so that no film remains on the patch, for example Marseille soap), and hot water.

Step 4.Air dry in a clean area and do not use towels or rags

Step 5. Once dry, put the silicone patches back on the plastic sheet (included) to protect the adhesive.

Note: Do not use on irritated, cut, scraped or burned skin.