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Introducing WillFeet™ - the ultra-versatile, lightweight and durable shoe that adjusts and adapts to your foot.

  • Lightweight design
  • Robust and non-slip sole
  • Safe and BPA-free
  • Adaptive form

Lightweight. Functional. Protectors.

WillFeet™ responds to the challenge with a shoe that mimics the bare foot that retains its same benefits and helps restore natural movement and strengthen the body.

🦶 Run and Walk

Second Skin and Relaxed Feet

WillFeet™ adapts to your body's movement, helping to engage every muscle and tendon and providing you with real comfort.

✈️ Traveling

Travel light. Travel More.

Worried about that 12-hour plane or bus ride? It is sure to wreak havoc on your feet, trapping them in your shoes from the cold, unflattering smells, or simply unhygienic flooring. With your WillFeet™, you never have to worry about any of that.

🏋️ Gym & Yoga

Better Grip. Best Deadlift.

Get the perfect stability and grip for your workout and perfect your posture during deadlifts, squats and planks. Align your feet and your body.

⛺ Camping and Hiking

Light hikes. A more efficient campsite.

Hiking, travelling, driving, and camping can all be tiring. WillFeet™ provides maximum relaxation and comfort while hiking or walking around your camp, it will leave your feet protected, clean and dry.

💪 Literally Non-Slip

Discover our Elite Grip technology.

Slippery rocks, hot sand, slippery rocks, sharp-edged corals, or an uncomfortable surface? Going barefoot near any body of water can be very dangerous, WillFeet™ will let you enjoy your surf session and more.

Why wearing shoes can be bad for you?

Studies show that shoes have a negative effect on the feet. Foot muscles are weaker than ever due to the shoes we wear, which also leads to poor posture, as the body depends on other muscles to do the job the feet are meant to do.

Walk as nature intended

A lightweight design

Lightweight and flexible to promote the natural movement of the foot with a cushioned support base.

Safe and BPA-free

Our shoes are safe and free of toxins. We seek out the best materials that do not contain any suspicious or harmful chemicals.


WillFeet's breathable material allows air to pass without letting water in.

Why WillFeet is better for you

WillFeet's advanced manufacturing technology protects against less pain, helps maintain correct posture and prevents future back problems.

It feels like a second skin and reproduces the sensation of walking barefoot by reproducing the natural movement of the foot.

It offers flexible, soft and comfortable movement without limits.

Find as follows:

  • Shoulders back
  • Good posture
  • Straight back

The most suitable alternative

WillFeetcan replace all types of shoes that take up unnecessary space in your closet, whether it's your running shoes, hiking shoes, leather shoes, barefoot shoes, sports shoes. water, travel or riding WillFeet is a well-timed complete package.

The futuristic design, extreme comfort and ultimate freedom of WillFeet offer you an unprecedented adventure.

Breathable and stretchy materials

The WillFeet are very elastic while being durable and comfortable.

Using the latest technologies and materials, we have succeeded in creating a 3-layer fabric, made from of anti-abrasive polymers, which gives you a skin-like touch and a very comfortable feeling, while bringing you aesthetics and functionality.

Size guide:


Foot length (cm)

35 21-22
36 22-22.5
38 23-24
39 24-24.5
40 24.5-25.5
41 25.5-26
42 26-26.5
43 26.5-27.5
44 27-28
45 28-28.5
46 28.5-29.5

Driving, running, being too lazy to do laces. Perfect for walking on the soles of the feet (not the heel), which improves my posture.

Alice B.

I've been camping in Australia with mine, walked around campfires, crossed streams and up trails, they're awesome.

⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alan J.